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Making a Difference in Perpetuity

Making a Difference in Perpetuity

Marcia Wing learned about ICF in the late 1980s when the Foundation was first established. As a young woman just starting her career in property & casualty insurance, she recalls that she didn't have any extra money at the time and that the Foundation's goal of a $5 million endowment seemed out of reach.

"I had no idea then that the Foundation would achieve such amazing success, or that I would someday be in a position to create the funds that we have to honor both Greg's parents and my parents," she said.

Marcia and her husband Gregory Garlick established the Harry and Lisa Garlick Scholarship Fund in 2005 and the Alferd and Bethel Wing Fund in 2009. They have been ICF members since 2006. They are also members of the Legacy Society, which means they have included a gift to ICF in their estate planning.

ICF endowment funds appeal to Marcia and Greg because, as longtime Idahoans, they see the value in permanently supporting local nonprofits.

"I'm a big believer in permanent endowments," Marcia said. "My husband and I are not wealthy, but an organization like ICF allows people of relatively modest means to put money into funds that can make a difference in people's lives in perpetuity."

Growing up without much money on a small Idaho farm, Marcia knows the value of education, books and scholarships and said those are the areas she likes to support. "It was the generosity of others, such as the Whittenberger and Cunningham foundations, that allowed me to attend The College of Idaho, and I feel an obligation to repay their generosity by helping others who are in similar financial situations. Along the same vein, I grew up with books. Both of my parents were avid readers, and I cannot imagine how frustrating life must be for people who can't read, share books with their children, or even function at a basic level in most jobs. Learning Lab is one of my passions; seeing people develop their abilities to function in contemporary life and work toward breaking the family cycle of illiteracy is incredibly satisfying."


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